"Spend five minutes with this nine-foot-tall vase. Look for the army of snails with their little horns, all different one from another, featured with such naturalism at the very bottom: it appears they are climbing in slow motion, inching along to the top. And so should you, with your eyes.

Look in a spiral and move around, up, and down to jump into a fantastic symbolist universe where you’ll discover a spider, a strange batman, lace, ribbons, the signature of the artist, the date of the piece, and the foundry mark of the Brussels foundry. Only a slow viewing allows you to appreciate the incredible twisting of the handles or the details of the peacock feathers at the very top.”

Recommended viewing for slowartday from our decorative arts & sculpture curator, Anne-Lise Desmas.

To zoom in and let your “eyes” wander, click here.

Vase (detail), 1889, Jean-Desire Ringel d’Illzach. Bronze and copper, 107 1/2 x 40 9/16 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum.

"We eat light, drink it in through our skins. With a little more exposure to light, you feel part of things physically. I like feeling the power of light and space physically because then you can order it materially. Seeing is a very sensuous act—there’s a sweet deliciousness to feeling yourself see something."

- James Turrell (via perceptualphenomena)


Only one more day of #jamesturrell at #lacma. (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))


Odilon Redon. Probably Ⅱ. 1883.

"Vision was first attempted in the flower." Lithograph, Gifu Prefecture Museum of Art, Japan.


Got some new patches!


Smithsonian Magazine’s 2013 Photo Contest, in focus

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asylum-art: Soundsuits’ of Artist & Fashion Designer Nick Cave

"Nick Cave (born 1959 in central Missouri, USA) is an American fabric sculptor, dancer, and performance artist. He is best known for his Soundsuits: wearable fabric sculptures that are bright, whimsical, and other-worldly."
“Cave’s first Soundsuit was made of twigs. Other typical materials include dyed human hair, sisal, plastic buttons, beads, sequins, and feathers. His work is a crazy mix of media—these bunny suits are made of human hair, and others are montages of vintage finds, beads, buttons and old style needle crafts like crocheting and macrame. The finished pieces bear some resemblance to African ceremonial costumes and masks. His suits are presented for public viewing as static sculptures, but also through live performance, video, and photograph


Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife Dagmar Gale

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Frida by Senegalese photographer Omar Viktor Diop shot in Abidjan.

i love this waaay too much. too used to seeing only white girls impersonate her. 


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Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent

Poussière d’Etoiles » est une série réalisée par le photographe français Ludovic Florent. Il met à l’honneur des danseurs débordant de grâce en y ajoutant de la farine. Les grains de sable accentuent l’effet de mouvement majestueux des chorégraphies. A découvrir en détails sur son portfolio et dans la suite de l’article.